Sept 25 – Admin

The book signing is on! We know that you have been wanting for as long as you and I both can remember, and finally, have already managed to put everything together efficiently.

Wanting to meet your favorite authors? Want to receive autographs and generous gifts from them? Then register with our monthly book signing activity and have the chance to fulfil you wish.

We schedule the activity every 3rd Sunday of the Month. Depending on the theme chosen for that period, we invite authors to come to the activity for a chance of meet and greet with their fans. Activities during this include book signing, inspirational talks, and sharing. There are also games where special prizes could be won. Sign up to out newsletter so you won’t miss the opportunity. See you around!


Fall Giveaway

Aug 15 – Admin

We are giving away 10 sets of your favorite Stephenie Meyer’s books – the Twilight series. All you need to do is to sign up to our newsletter and tell us your favorite part of the story and why. Winners would be drawn on the 2nd Saturday of September. Happy writing!!

E-Reader Discount Coupon

Aug 1 – Admin

Discount alert! Discount alert!

In partnership with the Blue Bird Gadgets and Electronic shop, we are giving away discount coupons for the people who’d buy their e-readers at their stores nationwide. We’ve provided you the codes to use in your purchase below.

Get as much as 75% if you purchase today the device, and additional free subscription for the first 3 months on your Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited is a platform where hundreds and thousands of books could be found. These come in different genre so it is a guaranteed to fulfil every person’s dream. What are you waiting for? Check out the Blue Bird Electronic shop today for more.