Welcome to the Daemon’s books. This is an online platform where you could find almost every type of books you want. If it is not here, then we’ll find it for you. Our mission is to cultivate every person’s reading habit by providing them the reading material they prefer.

Book Lovers

Me and my sister have been book lovers since we cannot anymore remember how long. Eversince we were young, instead of watching tvs, our parents have provided us with books that are children friendly. Fairy tales, classic books – name it, we are proud to say that we may have already those as kids.

We had our own share of Sleeping Beuty, Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, etc. We’ve already gone throughout the many classic readings like those written by Emily Bronte and Shakespeare. Our parents have bought us almost every kind of book as we grow old. In fact, we cannot even remember a time when books are not part of our lives.

From daylight to nighttime, we feed our cravings to know more and read more. As proof of this, we have collected more books than we could keep in our house. There was even a need to convert our garage door into a library for our need of space. We had to have a special garage door installed in our home in Tampa, FL just so the books would retain its pristine condition. And we managed to achieve this due to the high quality insulation materials included in the garage door we bought from the local Tucson garage door service. We could say that it worked, because we have achieved our objective.

Why Books?

People ask us this question whenever they realize that we are the admin behind the Daemon’s Books site.

Aside from our obvious fascination to stories we get from reading books, we want to help other people in getting into the habit. We believe that knowledge is power and the staring point of getting that knowledge is by reading books.

What to find here?

At Daemon’s Books, you can find the largest collection of fiction and non-fiction books. We have classic novels as well, together with other book genres such as romance, thriller, and young adult books. We also have academic papers and scientific journals in our system. You could read this online or rent it out from our partner sites.

This site also has the largest community of avid readers. They are active in interacting with others – sharing ideas, recommendation, reviews, and even a healthy debate on what is better than what. They leave us feedbacks on books they have already gone through and rate it according to the satisfaction they had in reading those books. You can also request book reviews here and exerpts of books you want to read.

If you are a big lover of books like us, you’d breathe this site even before you know it. Try it to believe it. You’ll never get bored because we update our contents regularly.

Happy reading!

Hello book lovers!