AXEL’S PUP by Kim Dare

Rating: 5 STARS

This book by Kim Dare is by far her hottest novel of all times. It was soooo great that you’d wish that the sequel would come out soon enough. It was a part of a series, but it could be read as a standalone.

It was hot. I cannot think of a better way to describe this book. The protagonists of the story are Bayden and Axel. Bayden is a young wolf who cannot live with his mother and grandfather die to some twisted laws imposed by humans. Axel on the other hand is a human owner of a restaurant cum BDSM club where Bayden frequents to look for a fight – his way of earning money. The former is also the leader of a local motorcycle club. While it is expected for a man shifting wold to be dominant in a relationship, this story tells otherwise, and it just made the whole theme appealing to the audience.

The chemistry of Axel and Bayden was over the roof, heating your temperature inside and out. This includes many recounts of abuse, violence, punishment, and rape. If this is not your thing, or you are partial to this type of story line, then this is not a book for you. It also have bits and pieces of BDSM practices mentioned, and explained in great detail.

The good thing about this MM Book is that even though it is a little bit lengthy, the story was never dragging or boring. In fact, it was interesting and thrilling from the first stage to the last. Much feelings are incorporated to every word. It is a novel guaranteed to evoke emotions to its reader.

If you like a paranormal MM story, then this book is for you.