Daemon’s Books is a place where books are treated like priceless objects that they are, properly piled up in order wherein people could sort it out for their own consumption. It is also a place where people could find book recommendations to be read at their convenient time, insightful articles and reviews on reading materials they want to read.

This site is a product of collaboration between two book-obsessed sisters, Amie and Kristen , who love to share their passion to the world.

About Kristen:

Kristen is a 22-year old sassy girl from Texas. She has developed a relationship with books ever since she read her first Nancy Drew book in 5th grade. Since then, books and she have become inseparable. This is why, it is not surprising that her passion for reading led her to be a librarian.

Kristen takes her job seriously in protecting and preserving the books to last. Although she is a huge fan of young adult books, and romance novels, she also read detective stories, thrillers and books that feature a strong science-fiction theme, and fantasy.

About Amie

Amie is the older sister of the two by two years old. While her younger sister decided to push through a career that is related to books, she on the otherhand decided to pursue a career in accounting – another one of her talents. But although she have chosen different kinds of ‘books’ to focus on for her career life, her love for novels was never extinguished.

The not so huge age gap between the two made them closer than ever. This is evident in their collaboration in founding this website and manning it on their free time.

Book Review Ratings

Kristen and Amie will often rate books on a scale from 1 to 5. If you are curious to know what each point on the scale means, here is a quick explanation:

5 stars: Outstanding. I absolutely loved the book.

4 stars: Very Good. I really enjoyed the book.

3 stars: Good. Above average and still enjoyable.

2 stars: Average. Could take it or leave it.

1 star: Poor. Complete waste of time.

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